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Chef's Specials

  • A1.Triple Delight11.95Shrimp;beef;chicken and mixed vegetables stir-fried with house special brown sauce.
  • A2.Kung Pao Triple Delight11.95Beef,chicken and shrimp sauteed with peanuts,bamboo shoots and water chestnuts in spicy kung pao sauce.
  • A3.Phoenix and Dragon12.95Crisp sesame jumbo shrimp sauteen in chill sauce and crispy chunks of chicken in our chef's special sauce.
  • A4.Lake Tung-Ting Shrimp 13.95Jumbo shrimp with borccoli,mushrooms snow peas,babu corn,and water chestnuts in house special white sauce.
  • A5.Four Seasons12.95A combination of chicken,pork,beef and shrimp with mushrooms,water chestnuts,bamboo shoots and a variety of vegetables in special brown sauce.
  • A6.Sesame Shrimp13.95Crispy jumbo shrimp sauteed with house sauce and coated with sesame seeds.
  • A7.Seafood Combination16.95Lobster,jumbo shrimp,scallop and crab meat sauteed with assorted chinese vegetable in special white sauce.
  • A8.Happy Family16.95A combination of chicken,beef,pork,shrimp,scallop and lobster meat sauteed with assorted vegetables in our chef's special sauce.
  • A9.House Special Pan-Fried Noodles14.95Delightly sauteed chicken,pork,beef,shrimp,and garden greens served on a blandet of sizzling hot pan-fried crispy noodles.
  • A10.Seafood Pan-Fried Noodles16.95Delicately sauteed shrimp,scallop,crabmeat,lobster,and garden greens served on a blandet of sizzling hot pan-fried crispy noodles.

Hot & Spicy

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